The C2 Programme Today

The C2 Project Today

The C2 Programme Today

To date, the UK spread of communities using the C2 approach has been prolific, via a mix of social movement and commissioned sites.

C2 7-step principles have now been successfully applied in upwards of 25 communities, and the C2 National Network of partnerships has proved one of its great strengths in that established partnerships host visits and provide peer support to communities at the beginning of their 7-step journeys.

We hold three-day courses for our C2 Experiential Learning Programme.

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The C2 7-Steps

The C2 7-step framework provides an evidence based 'roadmap' for communities and providers seeking to make the journey as equals from Isolation to Transformation. Steps 1-5 capture the practicalities of what needs to happen along the way to reach steps 6 & 7 describing what success looks like.

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C2 National Neighbourhood Network

There are now self-organising C2 communities all across the UK that can effectively demonstrate lasting change and improvement to their health and local conditions.

One of the strengths of C2 has always been the ability to back up theoretical teaching with site visits where residents and their partners provide the ‘living proof ‘of how this works and what it looks like at street level.

C2 has long recognized the power of peer learning between communities, which has always provided the roadmap, motivation and vision for those communities at the beginning of their 7-Step journeys from ‘isolation to transformation’, whether they’ve been substantially funded, as in CCG commissions or, as in many cases, operating on a ‘shoestring’, something we call DIY C2. The latter are often equally successful provided they have the learning, but take longer to establish as lack of funding inhibits opportunities for peer exchange. C2 is now registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to address this issue.

For details of an active C2 site near you contact Susanne Hughes on the telephone number or email in the footer of this page.

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