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C2 Family

Meet the C2 Family!

Hazel Stuteley  O.B.E  C2 Programme Director

Hazel’s passionate interest in Health Inequalities began in the late 60’s when, as a student nurse in London, she first witnessed the alarming disparities in health between families living in low income Deptford and their affluent neighbours just up the hill in Blackheath. Almost 50 pioneering, 'learning by doing' years later, having witnessed large scale community 'wellness' many times over, she is convinced that C2's approach to community health creation, holds the key to finally addressing the 'wicked problem' that is Health Inequality. She is founding member of Health Complexity Group (HCG) and honourary research Fellow at University of Exeter.

Dr Jonathan Stead

Co-founder of C2 programme

Jonathan has spent thirty years working as a general practitioner and research fellow at the University of Exeter.  During those three decades, he was aware that the health gap was widening.  In 2002, he heard Hazel describe her work on the Beacon Estate in Falmouth, and thought he had an insight into why the transformational change had happened.  Working with academic colleagues, leading to the formation of the Health Complexity Group (HCG), they created C2. The group is passionate about the talents of residents to lead the transformation of their communities, supported by frontline service providers.

Dr Robin Durie Senior Research Fellow & Lecturer in Politics, University of Exeter

Co-founder of C2 programme

Robin is also a founding member of the Health Complexity Group and is a tutor on C2 Learning programmes. His widely published research aims to understand processes of social and urban regeneration, and the conditions that enable communities to transform their own health. This understanding is grounded in complexity theory as the lens through which to understand and view dynamic processes of community engagement.

Katrina Wyatt Professor & researcher with the University of Exeter Medical School

Katrina also brings academic rigour to C2 Learning programmes. She too has a special interest in how we can create the conditions for transformational, sustainable change. Her research has informed the development of C2, an approach that she passionately believes in, as communities identify for themselves what they need to support health and wellbeing and then co-create the solutions with service providers.

Susanne Hughes  C2 Learning Programme co-ordinator.

Susanne has supported Hazel, the Health Complexity Group and the entire C2 family since it’s birth in 2002!! She is a listener and an enabler working closely with all partnerships, but particularly those local to her native Devon. A sincere believer in all things C2 she provides mentorship and support for everyone who needs it whilst on their C2 journey, including members of the C2 team! She’s been behind the scenes ‘making things happen’ to help C2 to evolve to where it is today.

 Debbie Cookson C2 Learning Programme co-ordinator

Debbie also hosts the C2 Neighbourhood Network and is the key contact for the C2 online webinars, providing training to all who use it.

‘First introduced to C2 some years ago through a Health Inequalities Programme run by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement I was delighted to be invited to work with Hazel and her team.  C2 is something you become passionate about.  It is tangible; it is not just a theory.  It is working with real people who know what it is all about, who have lived through difficult and challenging times and watching them grow and develop, sometimes in the most amazing ways.  You see genuine changes happen that give people back a sense of self worth and control over their lives; who begin to believe that what they say is being heard.  You meet and work with people who become part of the C2 family, not just a meaningless phrase but a family that is important to you and matters.’

Experiential Learning Programme hosts and tutors

Scott Jacobs Lange Community Investment Manager Sovereign Housing

Scott’s been a Community Development practitioner in the West of England for over fifteen years; working in the voluntary & public sector and in housing.  His experience includes youth participation, rural communities, community organising and voluntary sector governance.  He became involved with C2 whilst working at Sovereign Housing Association where he introduced communities in newly-built neighbourhoods to the C2 7-Step approach.  This has helped residents to organise and create more productive relationships with the numerous partners involved in developing new estates.  He is also Chair of his local Community Trust.

Lisa Tomkinson, Gill Jones & Marvin Malloy: Community Ventures Development Services CIC  

North Midlands Regional C2 Community Learning Hub Leaders

‘We are a team of 3 community development practitioners based in Stoke on Trent. For the past 7 years we have been successfully delivering public health commissioned community services. Currently we are managing the My Community Matters Connecting Communities programme and we have 5 active resident led neighbourhood partnerships across the city.

in 2011, we began working with our C2 colleagues and have been applying the C2 principles ever since. During this period, our learnt experiences and the knowledge gained has helped us to support and develop a large number of bespoke community led services.’

Kay Byatt  and Cara Thorpe – Thanet South East C2 Regional Community Hub Leaders

Kay, an old-school punk rocker, was born and bred in South London but has lived in (Planet) Thanet – on the South East Coast - for the last 22 years.  Recognising the challenges faced by people within particularly disadvantaged wards and the lack of hope within communities where people feel powerless, Kay became a Community Development Worker in the hope of helping people to improve their quality of life and well-being.  Initially her work focused on infrastructure support, but she became aware of the ‘doing to’ culture of service providers who were not engaging or listening to communities.  Soon after joining the Margate Task Force – the multi-agency partnership covering two of the most disadvantaged wards within Thanet – Kay was introduced to C2 and everything clicked into place!  C2 is Punk Rock – it is about people doing it for themselves.  Kay was fortunate to be involved in helping to set up two resident-led partnerships the C2 way and remains actively involved with ABC (A Better Cliftonville).

Cara's long career in the voluntary sector as a community development has shaped a passionate interest in communities leading change for themselves. Her work currently focuses on Newington in Kent as the Newington Big Local Community Development Officer.

Cara helped to set up and key to the successful setting up of the C2 resident led Partnership NCU (Newington Community Unity), utilising her knowledge and expertise as both service provider and Newington resident. Newington was in the top 5% most disadvantaged estates in Kent, but has seen exciting transformative change and ongoing community led improvement via NCU, after decades of failed interventions and total disengagement of the community.

NCU became officially constituted in May 2013 and she has successfully linked them with Newington Big Local such that they work in unison and effectively support each other to release the capacity of the whole community to lead the changes they want to see.

GRENVILLE CHAPPEL- South West Learning Hub Leader

Born on the Beacon Estate Falmouth Cornwall, Grenville followed a career in the Royal Navy, later returning to live with his family and play a major role in the 90s, developing the multi-award winning Beacon Project, the inspiration and evidence base for C2.

In 2001 he was appointed as Co-ordinator and resident lead of the Beacon Partnership, which has sustained and improved outcomes for the estate for over 20 years. His many civic roles since include Cornwall County &Town Councillor and he is currently the mayor of Falmouth Town.

Grenville is  a much loved and valued member of the C2 team having inspired and played host to countless visiting VIPs, members of Royal family and communities nationally, always ‘telling it like it is’ from his own unique perspective as a tenant & long term resident.

Keith Guppy- South West C2  Community Learning Hub Leader & C2 Movie Maker extraordinaire!!

Keith  describes himself simply as: Husband, Father, Aspie, documentary maker, photographer, computer technician, community coordinator and C2 advisor in all community matters.

David Aynsley

David is a retired police sergeant who worked as a Neighbourhood Police Team Leader in Camborne, Cornwall and in Youth Justice.

Dave and his team of 10 officers were the first ever group to undertake the C2 7 step programme in 2004, since when he has contributed to its development and is a regular course lecturer. In 2005 he founded the multi-award winning TR14ers Community Dance Team in Camborne , now a charity led by young people for young people which is still active to date, improving health & wellbeing for a new generation of children this highly disadvantaged town. In recognition of this he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Exeter. Dave is also a regular visitor and contributor at the European Youth Centre in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Inspector Paul Morgan -Devon and Cornwall Police

Paul has spent his police service in uniformed roles with a focus on communities and problem solving. In 2007, as the Sector Inspector for South Hams East, the introduction of  “neighbourhood policing” encouraged his first involvement with the C2 concept. C2’s success in building a broad ranging partnership of agencies and residents offered the approach he was seeking to develop resilient, creative and healthy local communities. He found the involvement of residents in the planning  an exciting opportunity to address the wide range of issues increasing the confidence of local residents rather than focusing purely upon crime. Most importantly, “control” of the programme rested with residents and not with agencies and its introduction into Townstal, Dartmouth was the boost to local attitudes that the area really needed. ‘Healthy, engaged and confident residents do not want crime in their area and are prepared to work with the police to tackle those issues.’C2’s impact in Townstal has influenced his approach to “neighbourhood policing” and he has shared his experiences and its outcomes in a variety of fora. His current role as the force neighbourhood policing Inspector now enables the thinking and learning to influence force action plans and strategies.

A regular contributor to C2 Learning programmes over many years has led to an Honourary Fellowship from the University of Exeter.