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C2 Beacon Project

The Beacon Project

C2 originated from the work of two health visitors, Hazel Stuteley, C2 founder, and Philip Trenoweth, on the Beacon estate in Falmouth in the 1990s.

As a response to coping with an impossibly demanding case-load they introduced a community led intervention that reversed the decline of a heavily stigmatized estate of 6000 people. The Beacon project became a national flagship for resident-led community renewal and health improvement.

The method used was consolidated in a further intervention in nearby Redruth and in 2004, formulated into a replicable framework of 7 practical steps, following two years’ further analysis by researchers from the Health Complexity Group at the University of Exeter Medical School.

CLICK HERE TO READ 'SOCIAL IMPACT REPORT ON THE BEACON PROJECT- Lighting the way for C2 Connecting Communities' (PDF opens in new window)


In 2010, C2 was adopted as the practice basis for HELP, the Health Empowerment Leverage Project, hosted by the NHS Alliance and funded by the Department of Health and successfully applied in Solihull, Wandsworth and Devon.

In 2011 the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement sponsored C2 to develop and spread the C2 Experiential Learning programme, adopted by the Marmot ‘Healthy Places, Healthy Lives’ Fellowship as its prime source of learning.

Since 2011 this programme has delivered C2 7-Steps learning to residents and providers across the UK.