C2 is based on equal partnerships.

Here are just a few of the voices from some of the partnerships involved with C2. They cover the Police, complexity science, health research, population health and the views of residents as they talk about their experience of the lasting benefits and change the C2 approach enables.

Police perspective

Paul Morgan and Tony Bone

The police have been C2’s strongest partners for many years. 

In this podcast Inspector Paul Morgan, Devon & Cornwall Police and Chief Inspector Tony Bone, Violence Reduction Unit, Glasgow, both recent retirees, discuss the impact that C2 has had on their work.

Complexity principles

Dr Jonathan Stead

C2 has always used insights from complexity science to understand how community transformative change happens. Here Dr. Jonathan Stead, ex GP and C2 founder offers us a simple ‘sense-making’ explanation of the practical application of complexity principles to transform dysfunctional communities.

Academic research milestones

Katrina Wyatt and Dr Robin Durie

Professor Katrina Wyatt and Dr Robin Durie are both C2 founders based in the University of Exeter. Here they discuss academic research milestones since 2002 and the joy of learning alongside the many communities who have taught us so much. They also offer a simple rationale of why viewing communities through a lens of complexity helps us understand why C2 works and carries on working!

Population health

Andrew Scott Clark

Andrew Scott-Clark is Director of Public Health for Kent. He was very visible and highly supportive during the successful C2 18-month commission, working with the highly challenging communities of Newington and Cliftonville, attending every workshop and event. Here he outlines his views on why the C2 approach significantly impacts population health.

Community-led transformation

Marvin Molloy and Amelia Bilson

Marvin Molloy, Gill Jones & Lisa Tomkinson, founders of Community Ventures, have been successfully applying C2 principles in Stoke-on-Trent since 2010. Here Marvin chats to Amelia Bilson about her journey as a young Mum who has led an extraordinary community-led transformation in Middleport in just 4 years.