How effective is C2?2023-03-19T14:54:00+00:00

For proof of C2’s cost effectiveness read our report Lighting the Way [pdf], by ex-Treasury economist, which highlights the enormous cost generated by the community in social impact value.

Can I join the C2 Network?2020-03-02T14:02:11+00:00

Yes you can and it’s absolutely free!

How can we learn about the C2 7 Steps?2020-01-01T13:17:48+00:00

Just get in touch with Susanne or Hazel in C2 Central!

We offer bespoke packages ranging from ‘taster’ workshops through to 2-day residential courses, to match your learning needs.

What do you mean by ‘experiential learning’?2020-01-01T13:17:32+00:00

C2 theoretical learning always includes a site visit to a community using the 7 Steps. Students then ‘see for themselves’ how the approach works. This engages emotions as well as enhancing skills & knowledge, which is proven to accelerate learning & retention.

Who is the learning for?2020-01-01T13:17:15+00:00

Anyone who lives & works in a challenged community! Learners typically include residents and frontline workers from Police, Housing, Local Authority, Fire Service & NHS.

Is C2 the same as ABCD?2020-01-01T13:15:43+00:00

No. It’s asset based but uses a partnership, collaborative approach, uniquely home-grown in UK in the 90s. We call it ABC2!!

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