C2 Learning Opportunities

C2 Learning Opportunities

C2 Learning Opportunities

C2 is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) dedicated to developing a national workforce of residents and practitioners with a deep understanding of how to create and transform health and social status in a community setting.

We recognise that costs often inhibit access to learning for community members so the future C2 CIO will offer bursaries and funding support where this is needed.

Our charitable aim is:

‘To develop the capacity & skills of members of a socially & economically disadvantaged community in such a way that they are better able to identify and help meet their own needs, such that they are enabled to participate more fully in society, including (but not limited by) the provision of learning networks, training & educational resources’

One of the strengths of C2 has always been the ability to back up theoretical teaching with site visits where residents and their partners from C2 Guide Neighbourhoods provide the ‘living proof ‘of how it works and what it looks like at street level. We are now able to offer this nationally via C2 Regional Learning Hubs in the North, South East and South West, who by arrangement will host visits, to complement C2 learning at whatever level is selected.

Course tutors are always drawn from C2 Exeter academic team plus frontline practitioners and residents with ‘lived experience’ of the impact of C2 from across the UK.

C2 Experiential Learning events:

Whilst we offer a range of learning opportunities, especially recommended is the ultimate 'theory to reality'  3 day residential C2 learning experience, usually set on the beautiful campus of Exeter University.

ALL C2 learning events are bespoke and co-designed with the host to reflect differences in local conditions and target audience, so quoted costs are for guidance only as may be more or less depending on numbers, venue and geographical location

Level & depth of learning will obviously be dictated by length of course selected but core components will always cover:

  • Creating the conditions for communities to self-organise
  • C2 7-steps ‘Isolation to Transformation’ the ‘how to’ explained
  • The biology of poverty: how chronic stress of chaos affects health
  • The ‘why’: theoretical framework of C2
  • How community led change really happens
  • How to deeply listen to a community
  • Theory to reality site visit (for longer courses only)
  • Sense making debrief session from site visit (where applicable)

Learning options:

  • 3-day residential Experiential Learning Programme

Set in the beautiful Exeter University campus, this is the ultimate ‘theory to reality’ foundation course, offering the complete C2 experience. Usually run 3 times a year depending on demand. £995 per person.

Click here to download a PDF of the flyer

  • Introduction to C2: 1-day master-class. £1,250.
  • 2-day Experiential Learning course (non residential) to include site visit. £2,500.
  • Site visits to regional C2 Guide Neighbourhoods. £300.
  • Conference Workshops. £950.

With the exception of Exeter residential course, costs quoted may vary and are for guidance only. They do not include venue, catering costs or transport to site visit where appropriate.