May 6 1-2.30pm.


The story of Cliftonville

About this session:

In C2 we’ve learnt over many years that communities always know what the barriers to their health are. But here’s the thing – it’s never what you expect! All we have to do is learn how to listen and then work with them to tackle those barriers together – and the results are invariably transformative.

Coming as they do at Step 3 when partnership relations are strong, C2 Listening Events are the most powerful point along the road to health creation. This is the story of Cliftonville and the remarkable outcomes of their event in July 2013.

Watch the movie first then hear the story as narrated by Martin Skeet, recently retired Commander of Kent Fire & Rescue Service, who led the Margate Task Force at the time, and Kay Byatt, member of MTF and resident of nearby Ramsgate.

C2 7-Step Pathway

[pdf-embedder url=”/c2content/uploads/2021/03/C2_7Steps_Handbook_2020_PRINT_NoBleed.pdf”]

Complexity science has been successfully applied in many settings globally to ‘turnaround’ failing organizations. Viewing communities as complex evolving systems has been key to C2 success and transferability for 25 years.

In this podcast, our friend and guru, Professor Eve-Mitleton-Kelly explains the principles as applied to permaculture.