WEEK 1 Tues. 2 Feb 10-11.30am

The Story of Cliftonville.

‘There is no more powerful force for change than a community discovering what it really cares about’
(Meg Wheatley 1988)

Read the story then watch the movie

In Week 1 we focus on the power of listening to a community and the transformative environmental outcomes that follow.

C2 Listening Events are always a powerful and pivotal point of change. This proved to be the case in Cliftonville and in this webinar we hear from Martin Skeet, lead officer of Margate Task Force and Kay Byatt, their charismatic community leader of how service delivery was transformed as a result.

WEEK 2: Tues. 16 Feb. 10-11.30am

The Story of the TR14ers – how young people have transformed their lives and their town through dance. 

Read the story and watch the movie.

Our story today is narrated by David Aynsley. David was founder of this remarkable group in 2005 and a Neighbourhood Beat Sergeant at the time. Some 2,00  young people have benefited from this young people-led charity who have used street dance to transform their health and life chances.

Human rights

In July 2018 two members were keynote speakers at a Council of Europe conference in Strasbourg focusing on the rights of young people living in disadvantaged communities to access green space and health creating activity.

The Council of Europe magazine ran an article about the TR14ers.

The piece of research: Understanding the sustainable processes and impact of engaging young people in a peer-led dance group, the TR14ers


The principles of the C2 approach are built around complexity theory. Co-founder of C2 Dr Robin Durie, deputy director of the Wellcome Centre, Exeter, and a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in Politics at University of Exeter, highlights the benefits of a complexity approach using the story of the TR14ers to illustrate this.

WEEK 3: Tues. 2 March 10-11.30am

The Story of Dartmouth.

Read the interview and watch the TQ6 movie.

Dawn Shepherd, of TQ6 Community Partnership, sets the scene of a coastal community and a town split in two by ‘cheek by jowl’ levels of affluence and poverty. She highlights the work achieved with the Partnership, which started in 2009 and their swift adaptation to cope with deep levels of need during the Covid-19 crisis.

WEEK 4: Tues. 16 March 10-11.30am

Bringing it all together!

Recapping on the stories heard so far Dr Robin Durie and Prof. Katrina Wyatt will lead the final session of Phase One learning with C2.

They will focus on how insights from complexity science help us make sense of transformative change, how it evolves and why local, operational community-led partnerships are the perfect mechanism to sustain long-term change.

Read the ‘Community Regeneration & Complexity’paper (Dave Kernick article)

We will also spend time in the session focusing on the identification of the ‘right’ target community for Phase Two practical application of the C2 7-Step Pathway to Partnership.

C2 7-Step Pathway

[pdf-embedder url=”/c2content/uploads/2021/03/C2_7Steps_Handbook_2020_PRINT_NoBleed.pdf”]