Problem solving gurus often quote ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’ as inspirational guidance. Drew Scaife in Kent has gone one better, and he’s done it for a group of people close to the C2 family’s heart. Drew has thought up and thrown down the challenge of doing a marathon in a month to raise money for the Speak Up.

Marathon in a Month

“From the 1st February to the 28th February, I am organising a marathon in a month (26.2 miles/42.2 K) in which I am looking for support and join forces with the other teams and individuals already committed to the cause,” said Drew on his Marathon in a Month fundraiser page.

Less than a mile a day

That’s less than a mile a day. Or 0.936 of a mile a day, if you want to get technical. How’s that for attainable, health-driven, inclusive, target orientated, achievement-based, goal setting.

With the football season on pause, Drew aims to create some healthy competition between teams and individuals, while raising some funds for Speak Up. It’s also a chance to build on, add to, or step into your own personal health goals for the year.

Unbelievable work

About Speak Up, Drew said: “These guys, do unbelievable work helping people through their mental health problems and saving lives.

“Over the last few years, personally like others in this community, I have lost friends due to mental health reasons and I feel that there is a difference to be made and with a bit of help, raise some funds for this fantastic cause.”


Speak Up raises voices around mental health issues and offers peer support, supported by Kay Byatt and team. Drew included the Speak Up presentation at the Destress Project in 2019 on the Go Fund Me page.

“Hopefully we can attract others to help us in this marathon and influence people to get out their and exercise, as a healthy mind is a happy mind,” said Drew.

“And lastly if anyone is out there and feel they are alone; remember you are not!”

To support or join in with the Marathon in a Month, go to the Go Fund Me page.

image: Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels