“We thought we were doing up houses, but we were actually doing up lives.”

Grenville Chappell, long term resident /Beacon Partnership Co-ordinator 1995 – 2018

The Beacon Project

One community’s story of how they transcended trauma and vulnerability to become a global flagship of community renewal that has stood the test of time over three decades.

Watch the movie made in 1999 by the community for the community. We promise no tenant or resident was harmed in the making! Not an easy watch, but there’s a happy ending.

In our conversation with local leaders Gren and June we’ll reflect on some of the ‘vulnerable ’people narrating who went on to become leaders and architects of their own destinies – sadly not everyone made it.

See the surprising outcomes of the Beacon Project.

How it started

Founder Hazel Stuteley explains how C2 started with the Beacon Project and how it’s spread since across the UK.

Sir Harry Burns

This recent podcast from Sir Harry Burns & Dr David Walsh is a terrific listen! It goes a long way to explaining the unique historical barriers that have held Glasgow back for decades. There’s also a shout out to C2 from Sir Harry who cites work in Cornwall & Stoke as part of the solution for Glasgow. We think it’s a great starting point for PEACE!


The story of Beacon is the story of C2 and partnership working to address issues the community faced

Transferable Principles

Definitions of vulnerability

Two contrasting definitions, one which feels more inclusive – another which feels more exclusive.