Professor Katrina Wyatt describes how C2 partners are participating in research with the Relational Health Group and the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health at Exeter University

It’s been a long standing aspiration of mine to have C2 partners as part of our interdisciplinary teams undertaking research and teaching.

C2 partners are supporting several national programmes of work being undertaken as well as developing research proposals with us and are being more heavily embedded into the masters in public health that Exeter University has launched.

National Applied Research Collaboration Inequalities Programme

  • C2 partners as vital members of the national Public Involvement and Community Engagement Group supporting the Programme of research being delivered
  • Several C2 partners are involved in the delivery of one of five research projects funded by the Programme – supporting the delivery of GP training to provide supportive consultations for poverty related mental distress

Co-PHIRST (Public Health Intervention Responsiveness Team)

  • An expression of interest from Exeter, Hull, Dundee and St Andrews to become one of five PHIRSTs was invited to develop a full proposal. The teams will be allocated two local authority programmes a year to evaluate, over five years
  • Our bid highlights our collaborative, community focussed approach to developing evaluations which also capture the outcomes that matter to communities
  • C2 partners supported the bid development and, if successful, will be part of the community steering group which will run across the programme of evaluations
  • C2 also wrote a letter of support for Co-PHIRST alongside, Devon and Cornwall Councils, Devon and Cornwall PoliceEdenCo-LabSustrans and other stakeholders

Masters in Public Health

C2 partners provided critical feedback on the student’s assignments on developing a vaccination campaign to reach underserved areas.

C2 team are hosting a workshop for the launch week of the masters programme talking about complexity in action.