C2, short for Connecting Communities, has been active since 1995 and has built its reputation on the creation of place-based partnerships between local people and service providers, which have proved powerful in bringing lasting and transformative improvement for people and place.

Hopeful Futures

As part of the Creating Hopeful Futures series of workshops with the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit (SVRU) the C2 team is delighted to offer an exploratory learning event for partners in Wallacetown, at the request of Inspector Jason Peter.

Transformative stories

We first enjoyed collaboration with SVRU in 2010 – 13 when they sponsored C2 to deliver a series of well-received asset-based learning courses and events across Scotland alongside Sir Harry Burns. Ten years on it’s been a pleasure to collaborate once again- with even more transformative stories and experiences to share!

Inspire and illustrate

We’ve been using C2 stories /case studies narrated by the people leading them, for many years to inspire and illustrate what’s possible to achieve in deeply challenged communities. This event features The Story of Cliftonville and what happened when C2 joined forces with the Margate Task Force to tackle deeply entrenched issues within the community of Cliftonville. It will be narrated by Martin Skeet, recently retired Commander Kent Fire & Rescue Service and Kay Byatt, MTF member and nearby resident.

The aim of this event is simply to explore and gather attendee’s views on whether the approach used here could be successfully adapted for Wallacetown.

We recommend viewing this short movie before or after the event for additional context.

Margate Taskforce and the community in Cliftonville | Slides

C2 Principles | Slides

Police perspective

Paul Morgan and Tony Bone

The police have been C2’s strongest partners for many years. 

In this podcast Inspector Paul Morgan, Devon & Cornwall Police and Chief Inspector Tony Bone, Violence Reduction Unit, Glasgow, both recent retirees, discuss the impact that C2 has had on their work.

Next steps

Door chapping in Wallacetown

C2 7-Steps Programme

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The Road To Winnies

In Winthorpe, Lincolnshire, a disconnected community came together to form a partnership and create Winnies, a hub, that runs a range of activities for all ages and attracts people even from beyond the local area.

Read their story and see Jodie and Paul’s presentation.

Winnies (Presentation (4:3)) by Lee

Who said anything about a masterplan?

The key to creating a welcome space for the community is to not have a masterplan, says Ian Morrell of No 65 High Street in Nailsea. We chatted about how the triumphant community venue came about.

Read his tips.

Glendoune Case Study

C3 partnered with the Glendoune community for a health project in 2016-2017. Founder and Director of C3 (who Hazel calls Nursing Royalty as she is a former General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing) was on the webinar and shared the Glendoune Case study