C2: Transforming communities & pioneering health inequalities research since 1995

Connecting Communities, branded as C2, is a unique and dynamic community strengthening* programme, founded by front-line health workers with senior Research Fellows from Exeter University. An early pioneer of co-production, C2 has an enduring track record of breaking down long-standing barriers to transform health and well-being, confidence and visibility of communities across the UK.

*We define community strengthening as ‘enabling communities to increase control over their own lives and local environment’.

Map of C2 local sites - a map of the UK with C2 cites on it

The C2 7-Step Pathway leads to the formation of community led, problem-solving partnerships between local people and providers, creating a health-promoting, self-renewing framework for on-going, lasting improvement. This benefits residents and multiple sectors simultaneously, typically Police, Housing, Health and Education. C2 works by releasing latent strengths and capacity of both residents and service providers, who work together as equals to identify and overcome local barriers to reversing decline.

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Hard to believe it all began in one Cornish community in 1995. Founder Hazel Stuteley O.B.E. tells the story of origins and spread for TEDx.

What is C2 all about?

Uniquely home grown in UK, strengths based but very different from predominant models, so if you’re interested in learning ‘the secrets that change people’s lives forever’. Read more FAQs

If YOU want to learn how to apply the C2 7-Step Pathway to Partnership to benefit a community near you, we now offer easy access to bespoke and affordable ‘experiential learning’ and training opportunities via C2 Regional Learning Hubs. So get in touch and let’s start the conversation. We love to talk!!

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