Life was moving along quite smoothly in early 2020, writes Tinajane Devereux. I was engaging with my local community, presenting at our local council about all the positive actions we had made in our community group I was involved with and getting a lot of interest in what we were doing in the local area.

Powerful force

Hazel Stuteley was a guest speaker at an event put on by Westbury Town Council called Open Westbury. I had previously only spoken to Hazel via a conference telephone call while volunteering alongside a Community Engagement Officer from the Housing Association I rent my home from, Scott Jacobs-Lange. This powerful force of energy entered the room, Hazel came bounding over to me, introduced herself by flinging her arms around me and giving me the biggest hug I’ve ever had in my life!!!

Then suddenly not two months later, Covid was amongst us and life changed for everyone and we all had to adapt to new ways of doing things.


My ability to get involved from this point was restricted as I am a full time unpaid carer for a poorly husband. My engagement came to an abrupt end and I felt very isolated while staying at home.


C2 Connecting Communities knew they still needed to support people, especially now with Covid. So the C2 Natter was born. These Natters provide a space via Zoom to connect with communities and like minded people, to share, advise and support each other.

Two sessions a week are available, Tuesday 7pm and Thursday 11am. Invites are sent and people come along for a chat. Email and ask for the link.

On a personal level (remembering that energy and big hug I spoke of at the beginning?), the team at C2 have the warmest of welcomes, they are friendliest people I have had the pleasure of connecting with. The C2 Natter’s and my subsequent involvement of the C2 charity has given me back a purpose  and their support and encouragement is like that big hug. I will forever be grateful for being introduced to the C2 Family.

Kitchen table

The C2 Natter’s have enabled me to still connect with others through the ability of chat, I went from being isolated to engaging – even if it is only from my kitchen table. BUT that kitchen table has now been to all four corners of the country. I have engaged more now than I ever had, all because of C2!

So a simple request for a Zoom link could change your outlook too. Come along and join in the chat. It’s always an informal chat, no expectations to share, you can just listen. No minutes or notes are taken and the sessions are never recorded. I can truly say I have made some lifetime friends who I care about very much.

So come along and see what a C2 Natter could do for you!

Thank you C2 for all your support!