The Beacon Project made a big impact for the community in Cornwall and was the foundation of C2. The Beacon Resource Centre was a massive part of that. So much so, it inspired an artistic interpretation by Nanette Martin.

Nanette explains the thoughts and ideas on her original artwork about the Beacon Centre, describing ‘how I put my thoughts on paper in my own “quirky” style.’

The Beacon

Well known all over the world, to be fixed on rock. Upon a firm foundation to give guidance for safety to shipping, to last for all times and in all weathers.


Represents safety and a help for people so that they don’t sink.

I.e. Legal advice, health matters, housing, and too many things to mention, a lifetime.

 The Skateboarder.

Is looking for the new skateboard park which has been built.

The Cannon.

Represents the part Falmouth has played throughout history, defending Cornwall and the rest of the country from invasion. Kak-Kak Guns were manned by the Americans on the Beacon area during the war.

Palm Trees.

Are for the Cornish climate.

Seagulls and Fish.

Are part and parcel of a Cornish port, as are pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

The Parachute.

Invites you to “Drop in”

The Seat.

Welcomes you to stay a while, chat and have a cup of coffee or pasty.

Black Cat.

For good luck and the Cornwall Action Team (CAT) who use the office.

The Sailing Boat.

Signifies that after a lot of hard work by the committee and helpers, it has all been put together and the project is now smooth sailing.