Joe Wicks makes people feel good. His lockdown exercise routines and tips lifted the spirit of a nation. And just like Joe Wicks, the lean, svelt, high knee approach of C2 can bring around changes in health.

Personal trainer

But you don’t expect Joe to do your press up, star jumps or mountain climbers for you. And at C2 we don’t transform communities. Communities transform themselves. We show you how to create the conditions for that, we inspire, support, cajole and offer advice.

We will bash at doors, help make connections, share experiences and make a constant drive to put authentic voices front and centre.


At C2, we see the community world as being made up of two communities: those who live there and those who work there. The experience of services and local people are intertwined and together will thrive.

And just like Joe, there’s science to back up the C2 approach. Communities are complex adaptive systems that swoop and respond to the world around them. C2 sees communities through the prism of a complexity lens.

Relationships and wellness

Most of all C2 promotes relationships and wellness. But communities need to want to change. To move from the passive acceptance of their lot, to go from being fed up to being brave and hungry for change. Angry even. Angry can be good. Anger has energy.

Talking about energy, a few more weeks of doing the Joe Wicks routine and we’ll be ready for those short shorts. He inspired and supported people, but only we could make the change for ourselves. And don’t we feel good for it!

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