The hidden impacts of lockdown and of the Covid-19 pandemic are explored in three short films, funded by East Ayrshire Council’s Covid-19 Support Fund and made in partnership with Celebrate Kilmarnock.

In the film entitled Domestic Abuse Under Lockdown | The Hidden Impacts of Covid, solicitor Tony Bone talks about the increase in family law issues his firm is dealing with.

Behind closed doors

“During lockdown, the family law side of the business just went through the roof,” he says. “Lockdown has exacerbated a lot of the issues that go on behind closed doors.

Day to day

“However, because of lockdown families were limited in terms of where they could go for help so I have been advising mainly women in relation to seeking interdicts from the courts advising on separation. And a big issue among all of that is finances. How do they maintain their family on a day to day basis?”

a man in a shirt looking at the interviewer

Tony is a former chief inspector of the Glasgow Violence Reduction Unit, and has talked about the impact C2. Tony applied C2 principles in his work with the Glasgow Violence Reduction Unit and with his wider work with Police Scotland to great effect.

It’s thought domestic abuse cases have increased by 20% during the lockdown, as many people are trapped at home with their abuser.

Inequalities reinforced

The pandemic has reinforced inequalities, says Karen Gardner, manager of East Ayrshire’s Women’s Aid.¬† “And I think that’s true also of relationships. Men and women. Domestic abuse exists because there’s inequality men and women and that’s why its overwhelming woman that experience it.

“In the long-term, we have to keep an eye on what’s happening to women and girls nationally and globally to make sure that negative impact doesn’t last for a long time”

Lack of economic power

Councillor Elena Whitham, of East Ayrshire Council, highlights the lack of economic power and precarious employment women face, which they juggle alongside caring responsibilities.

Impact on inequalities

“All of those things impact on inequalities across the board, for women,” she says. “We need to make sure we’re going out of this with a clear understanding of that gendered lens that we need to apply as we’re creating policy.”

Restrictions on movement continue, and the economic impact of Covid-19 is set to last for a long time yet.

Watch the complete Hidden Impacts of Covid film, made by Ayrshire Film Co. They also have an hour-long discussion about domestic abuse under lockdown.