The New NHS Alliance is putting its commitment to combat health inequality front and centre stage with a name change to The Health Creation Alliance.

Addressing health inequalities

The New NHS Alliance is the only national cross-sector organisation that is addressing health inequalities. The Health Creation Alliance name change comes into effect on January 1, 2021 and reflects the direction the New NHS Alliance has been making for a number of years.

Creating health

“Around five years ago our focus changed from primary care to creating health,” says Merron Simpson CEO of the New NHS Alliance / The Health Creation Alliance. “We have made huge progress in raising the profile and status of health creation. The new title also reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of its membership, health creating programmes and support.”


C2’s relationship with the soon-to-be renamed NHS Alliance dates back to 2000 when the Alliance’s focus was primary care, successfully led by Dr Michael Dixon until 2015. C2 founder Hazel Stuteley O.B.E. was an active member of the national executive for many years and a regular speaker at annual conferences.

“My intention and steer throughout these years was to keep health inequalities high on the agenda and the NHSA was always highly receptive. I therefore welcomed their shift and evolution, now reflected in the new title,” said Hazel.

A common vision

Now, C2 is partnered with The Health Creation Alliance, sharing a common vision with distinct roles.

“The Health Creation Alliance adds great value to our work as a bridging organization and more. Our focus is at the operational ‘grassroots’ level nationally,” said Hazel. The Health Creation Alliance have the ‘ear’ of a growing range of top influencers in NHS and beyond. This perfectly complements the authentic community voices that C2 promotes, offering a platform for them to be heard at policy making levels.”

Authentic community voices

“We have always believed that the solutions to health inequality lie with those experiencing them,” said Hazel. “Connecting and plugging the huge gaps between ‘street’ and strategic level is a direct route to influence and change policy for the better- but it’s hard to achieve.

“The Health Creation Alliance share this belief as the high standard, inclusivity and range of authentic speakers at national conferences and webinars in recent years reflects, all of which have been highly impactful and have, in my opinion, shifted many entrenched NHS mindsets.”

Top of the agenda

“There has never been a better time than now to press the reset button placing Health Inequalities at the top of the NHS agenda and we believe The Health Creation Alliance can achieve this.

“We look forward to playing an active role supporting The Health Creation Alliance aim to establish a Wellness Workforce with the knowledge and skills to create conditions for very low-income communities to create their own health.”