A report from the Health Foundation on the future of public health highlights at least 77,000 premature deaths caused by heath inequalities each year. In C2 we know that many solutions to health inequalities lie with the communities experiencing them.

Build back fairer

They have demonstrated their worth as never before in this pandemic which this report by the Health Foundation highlights – time for pay back! There’s been a lot of talk about building back better – let’s take this opportunity to build back fairer.

No new public health funding for councils working alongside communities, as cited in the recent Spending Review, presents yet another major road block on the journey towards health equity.

Decades of health inequalities

Many decades of ever widening health inequalities in a country boasting a National Health Service envied by the world, should be viewed as a national disgrace.

Preventable illness

Tackling the dreadful and deeply unfair toll wreaked by this pandemic on vast swathes of our population, suffering from entirely preventable illness, must surely now be the focus of future population health investment.

In December 2019, the UCL reported on a study which found ‘one third of premature deaths linked to social inequality.

The first experience of C2 in the Beacon Project demonstrated the solutions to health inequalities lie within those communities themselves. Creating the environment for communities to take control and thrive leads to long-term health creation.