Week 3

The Story of Cliftonville.

‘There is no more powerful force for change than a community discovering what it really cares about’
(Meg Wheatley 1988)

In Week three we focus on how to actively listen to a community and what it can lead to.

C2 Listening Events are always a powerful and pivotal point of change. This proved to be the case in Cliftonville and in this webinar we hear from Martin Skeet, lead officer of Margate Task Force and Kay Byatt, their charismatic community leader of how service delivery was transformed as a result.

[pdf-embedder url=”/c2content/uploads/2020/09/Little-Report-Cliftonville-15th-June-2013-Final.pdf”]


If you missed any of the slides during the webinar, please take your time and have a scroll through now.

Invitations to listen

Examples of postcards that are personal invites, co-designed by community showing what they want to reflect