Week 2

In week two we go back to where it all began for C2, on the largest and most disadvantaged estate in the South West of Cornwall. The Beacon Project, Falmouth Cornwall 1995-2000 is the remarkable story of a community-led turnaround leading to dramatic outcomes that have stood the test of time.

Two years of research by Exeter University to identify transferable key success factors led to the C2 7-Step implementation framework used in C2. The learning has since spread to many communities nationally.

Grenville Chappell

To tell the story we’ll be joined by Grenville Chappell, long-term resident who played a key role for 25 years leading the Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership during which he served as county and Falmouth Town councillor.

Grenville and wife June recently retired after 3 years as Mayor and Mayoress of Falmouth with Gren retaining his role of Falmouth Town Cllr.

Leading by example

Is community regeneration replicable? Read ‘From Isolation to Transformation’ by Hazel Stuteley OBE RGN and Professor Richard Parish [pdf] to see the challenges and opportunities of the Beacon Project.


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