Week 4

The principles of the C2 approach are built around complexity theory. Co-founder of C2 Dr Robin Durie, deputy director of the Wellcome Centre, Exeter, and a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in Politics at University of Exeter, highlights the benefits of a complexity approach.


Robin talked about the dance group the TR14ers. Read about how they began and how they kept on going.

David Aynsley and the TR14ers

To illustrate the practical application of complexity science our story today is narrated by David Aynsley, joined by a young member of TR14ers. David was founder of the group in 2005 and a Neighbourhood Beat Sergeant at the time.

Some two thousand young people have benefited from this remarkable young people-led charity.

Human rights

Recently two members were keynote speakers at a Council of Europe conference in Strasbourg focusing on the rights of young people living in disadvantaged communities to access green space and health creating activity.

Background material for C2 SLCC webinars

The C2 7-step handbook.

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Unleashing Community Potential – week 4

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