C2 Connecting Communities is leading a series of webinars with the SLCC on how to mobilise and release the potential of communities. Town and Parish Clerks are uniquely placed to sit between the community and service providers. They have connectivity, resource and overview to facilitate communities taking power, decisions and actions for themselves.

On the ground

The SLCC webinars will embed learning through stories of diverse communities who have done just that, narrated by those on the ground ‘doing the doing’.


And as if that isn’t powerful enough, it’s all rooted in deep theory backed up by research from Exeter University.

Here’s some background reading, watching and thinking for all those attending the webinars. Of course, it’s not compulsory, but it will help increase your understanding of how sustainable transformative community change happens

Road-map to learning

The webinars will take you through the experience of three C2 Learning Hubs. Starting with the way a coastal community adopted C2 in 2009 so that it was ready to adapt overnight to deal with the coronavirus lockdown. You’ll hear from those who organised and supported the community through its fear and needs, the enablers and barriers.

Week two will go back to where it all began on an estate in Cornwall and show how the C2 approach developed, grew and got lasting results. Why it’s highly cost effective – and why the approach needs to continue.

In week three, we’ll focus on the importance of listening to a community, highlighted what happened before & after a C2 Listening Event in Cliftonville, Margate.

Finally, in week four we’ll focus on making sense of how all this transformative change happens using insights from complexity theory. If that sounds dull-it isn’t! It will be illustrated by a remarkable story of how 2000 young people in Camborne have been changing their lives through dance since 2005.

Background material for C2 SLCC webinars

The C2 7-step handbook.

Unleashing Community Potential – week 1
Unleashing Community Potential – week 2
Unleashing Community Potential – week 3
Unleashing Community Potential – week 4

To take the C2 experience further, get in touch to have C2, with all its support and knowledge in your community.